Terms and Conditions of Use

The Electric Hat Random Name Chooser and Administrator are provided as a novelty and may be used free of charge.

All files, settings and registration information are delete after one calendar year from the signup date. Accounts can be renewed from the administration panel.

The program may be used freely by anyone but may not be used for illegal or exploitative purposes. This type of use will result in immediate removal of all files without notice.

GrassRootsDesign makes every attempt to provide a stable operating environment to run the program but does not guarantee anything.

Reasonable security measures are used to keep information confidential. Information provided is used only for the Electric Hat Random Name Chooser program. GrassRootsDesign does not sell the private information that users provide nor does it trade or share this information in any form.

Neither the application or any part of it may be sold or distribute in any form without prior consent from GrassRootsDesign.

Contact GrassRootsDesign for more information.

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