Electric Hat Random Name Chooser


To setup your own Electric Hat Random Name Chooser fill in the information below. If your group has already registered enter your group name and group password to go to the name chooser page. To login to the administrator panel enter your email address and admin password.

Your email address is used as the contact address for the participants in your group and is the address that your registration settings are sent to. None of the information in this form will be used for any other purpose.

Please review the Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

Fill in the following information:


Admin Password: 

Group Name: 

Group Password: 

You can upload own jpg, png or gif image, photo or logo after registering. The image will be resized to a maximum of 360px by width or height, depending on the dimesions.

Once you submit the registration form, you will be sent an email message with with the details of your registration. Use the details to login to your account. Add the names of the people who will be participating in your draw. Once the names are added the draw is ready. You can then send the participants the address of the Random Name Chooser so they can pick their random name.

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