Tables are used to display information in rows and columns. In the past it had become a common practice to use tables as a structural tool. This practice has changed in favour of using styles to structure documents. A table begins with <table> and ends with </table>.

<tr> and </tr> - begins and ends a row
<th> and </th> - begins and ends a heading
<td> and </td> - begins and ends a definition or cell

Tables can be nested to create different effects. Table also have various attributes...

align = left|right|center (depreciated)
border = "n" - determines border width
width = "n" - can be a percent (n%) or a number based on points (n pt)
cellpadding = "n" - space between content and cell walls
celspacing = "n" - space between the cell and the exterior frame of the table.

Some of the table attributes can be applied to individual cells. The table definition and heading have an extra attribute.

colspan = "n" - extends the contents of a cell into the next column(s)
rowspan = "n" - extends the contents of a cell into the next row(s)

Table cells content can be positioned.

align = left|right|center
valign = top|middle|bottom

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