The Restless Rat

The Chinese astrological cycle begins with the year of the Rat; consequently those born within this category like to be first, pioneers, at the forefront of the action. Because of this, they tend to see themselves as a cut above the others. Restless and inquisitive, those born under the influence of the Rat are active, both physically and mentally, and tend to lead busy lives. Challenge is essential to them for they love the thrill of living dangerously. With clairvoyance, intuition, perspicacity and an eye for detail, Rats are formidable problem solvers, finding workable solutions to the knottiest problems. Travelling is one of their favorite pastimes.

For those born in these years, the key word is "charm". Highly adaptable and creative, quick-witted, sociable, and intelligent. Appealing outward personality typically hides a crafty and opportunistic personality. They tend to be very talkative and are seldom found sitting quietly by themselves.

The Rat is very quick-witted and can accomplish in days what some may take months to do, but they are typically perfectionists and difficult to work around despite their exceptional talents.

Rat personalities tend to scrimp and budget carefully when resources are tight, yet spend lavishly when finances are good. Rats are self-contained and keep problems to themselves. Although very outgoing, they seldom confide in anyone.

Often talented in abstract subjects such as math and music, they make good planners, especially in business situations as well as the arts

The Rat possesses attributes ranging from charming and humorous to honest and meticulous. The Chinese say those born in these years make good and wise advisors, yet they can never decide for themselves and change direction constantly. However, Rats at times hunger for power and money, leading some to be gamblers and others to be manipulative or petty. Their greed can lead them into a destructive trap.

Rats are best known for their charm. Blessed with a sharp wit, they possess a marvelous sense of humor, which makes them stimulating and amusing company to have around. Generally extroverted, they may well be described as opportunists for they prefer to live off their wits rather than labor long and hard to earn their daily bread.

Rats should have a happy childhood and a carefree youth. However, the second part of their lives may be stormy and problematical. They may be prone to lose money in a bad business deal or their happiness in an unfortunate love affair. The third part of their lives will be comfortable, and their old age as peaceful as could be wished.

It is important to note whether the Rat was born in the summer or the winter of the year. In summer the lofts and granaries are full, but in winter the Rat will be obliged to go out and forage for food, and must watch out for the traps set along the way. In human terms, this could mean the risk of prison or an accidental death.

The Passionate Rat

Rats are able to control their feelings and will generally present a cool facade to the outside world, regardless of whatever volcanic emotions they may be feeling inside. But these are passionate creatures whose feelings can be deeply stirred and though able to control them as a rule, when the volcano does erupt, watch out! Perhaps one of their faults is their inability to actually talk about their feelings to those they love, and consequently they tend to repress them -- thus adding to the volcanic pressure. As well as being deeply passionate they are sensual creatures who simply exude sexuality and who greatly enjoy all forms of physical stimulation.


The Rat is intelligent, popular, and loves partying. With remarkable ease the Rat makes friends, and influences people. People are genuinely happy to be around the Rat and they feel relaxed in his or her presence. The Rat is a social creature and is interested in others - their activities, problems and interests. The Rat has a good understanding of human nature and his advice and opinions are usually sought after.

Because he or she is interested in people, they are very observant and Rats make excellent detectives, journalists, and writers. Rats excels at Public Relations work, interacting with people and any job which brings them into contact with people and the media. They are outgoing and somewhat extroverted and so genuinely interested in people that their questions can be abrasive and prying, however, the Rat is a very private individual and keep their feelings to themselves. The rat would greatly resent being asked the kind of questions they dish out. They feels it is an intrusion into their privacy and no one's business. The Rat is a self-preservationist and is good in a crises. The Rat will almost always come up with a good solution to find their way out of an awkward situation.

The Rat is a hard worker and should they find themselves in a bureaucratic job, can become a stickler for routine and discipline. They love to be where the action is and are very imaginative and full of new ideas. Sometimes the Rat does not get the recognition and credit they deserves because they lacks self confidence enough to instigate their new ideas.

The Rat is gullible and can be taken in by those less scrupulous than themselves, partly because they are opportunistic and are always searching for ways to improve wealth and lifestyle. Since they are energetic, the Rat sometimes squanders energies and achieves very little because they have spread themselves too thin with many different projects. If they were to slow down and concentrate on one thing at a time they could be successful at anything. However, even though talented at many levels, success many times alludes the Rat.

The Rat is very thrifty with money and to others they can appear to be down right stingy. They can be generous to themselves though, if not to others. They finds it difficult to deprive themselves of luxury items they may really want. They hate wastefulness and never throws anything away. It is contrary to their mentality to refuse an free meal or ticket to anything. The Rat does not waste.

The Rat has loads of charm and people around them are ready to forgive them almost anything. They will forgive them when the rat is highly critical of others and indiscreet in voicing honest opinions. The Rat is a good conversationalist, has a bright nature and people think they are great party guest . The Rat will use confidential information if they feels they must, in order to keep the interest up in the conversation. Don't trust the Rat with secrets.


Rats' romantic life is very quiet, provided that they take care not to interact with the Horse or Rooster. In particular, it is catastrophic for a male Rat to marry a female Fire Horse. They should be wary of those born in the Year of the Rabbit. Rats have excellent relations with the Dragon, Monkey, Ox and Tiger.

The Rat will usually have many friends but they will get along best with another Rat as well as the Ox, Dragon and Monkey. They can also get along with the Tiger, Snake, Rooster, Dog and Pig, but the Goat and Rabbit are sensitive souls who will not like the outspoken Rat. The Rat will be too blunt, brazen,and critical for their tastes. The Horse and Rat will probably never take a liking to each other. The Horse's changeable moods and independent nature will upset the Rat's need for a feeling of security and keeping the status quo.

The Rat makes a great relative. They will be a loyal son or daughter, a loving and caring parent and will want a large family. They are family oriented and takes great interest in all family members and their welfare. They does not like solitude and if left alone, they may become depressed.