The Merry Monkey

The Monkey is lively, likable and witty. The Monkey is born under the sign of fantasy. Highly sociable, the Monkey is talkative and, as a fascinating conversationalist, they attracts a wide circle of friends. People born under this influence have an innately low boredom threshold. Inquisitive in the extreme and forever believing that the grass is greener elsewhere, they need to find continual stimulation to keep themselves interested and amused. However, often Monkeys are too clever for their own good and can be mettlesome, opportunistic, and unscrupulous to the point of being tricky and manipulative. This is because Monkey types possess acute psychological perspicacity which enables them to read people like books. In particular, women under the Monkey influence can play rather subtle games with members of the opposite sex. And although Monkeys give the impression of getting on fabulously with everybody, this great rapport is often nothing but a ruse -- Monkeys are in fact egotistical and selfish. They tend to be lazy, concentrating on small matters while ignoring more important issues. They ignore obstacles, finding them beneath their consideration.

Playful, even obliging at times, the Monkey hides the poor opinion they have of others beneath his apparent friendliness. They distrusts people born under any other sign and considers himself to be superior to all of them. They have plenty of intelligence and a fantastic ability to pull the wool over people's eyes. They are so artful that they can even fool the Dragon -- who is strong, stubborn and no fool -- and resist the magnetism of the Tiger, whom they tease unmercifully

Monkeys are highly adaptable and versatile. Enthusiastic about everything, they spend their time broadening their minds and are especially fascinated with art. They like refinement, originality and luxury. Inventive and intelligent, those born in these years can solve most problems quickly and skillfully, and are able to accomplish much in business. Monkeys shamelessly acknowledge their attraction to money. They quickly assimilate facts and figures, picking up new skills and techniques almost instantaneously. In business it is their opportunism coupled with their keen competitive instinct that gives them an eye for that tiny opening into which only Monkeys can insinuate themselves. Once they have instilled themselves, it is their ability to turn their hands to anything that will bring them ultimate success and, in many cases, even make their fortune.

The Monkey can succeed in any profession. Politics, diplomacy, industry, trade -- none of them will have any secrets from him. They can try anything and anything will work, especially if they have been fortunate enough to have a higher education. Though the renowned adaptability of the Monkey personality takes those born under this sign into a variety of occupations, many will naturally gravitate towards show business. This is because Monkey-born people have a compelling need to be noticed. Unfortunately, because they are such audacious people and care very little about their reputations, it does not matter much to them whether the impression they create is one of pleasure or of shock. It is simply a case of the more publicity they can generate around themselves, the happier they are.

The first part of the Monkey's life will be happy. The second will be upset and confused and their plans will often miscarry. Once attaining a ripe old age, the Monkey will increasingly enjoy a simple, everyday life.



The Exciting Monkey

Monkeys are clever, social, witty people and these are the very qualities they will look for in their relationships with others. Being the gregarious sort, they normally have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances who provide them with the mental and social stimulation that is so important to the Monkey's well-being. But the natural curiosity and desire for new experiences that drives those born in this year mean that, all too often, serious long-term relationships simply don't provide enough excitement to maintain their interest. Monkeys revel in the thrill of the new; consequently, short-term love affairs tend to suit this group best.

Unfortunately, the Monkey is unlikely to find a satisfactory lover, for they are not a stable personality. Though they can be passionate, their critical sense and their clear-sightedness combine to cool off their ardor all too quickly. Luckily their sense of humor saves them from disaster. Mischievous rascals particularly through their earlier years, they delight in stirring things up and then standing back to watch the sparks fly. If there's the slightest hint of danger, intrigue, or downright outrageous behavior attached, so much the better.

In love no other sign produces more charming, amusing, and romantic companions than this one. Once a Monkey does decide to settle down in a permanent relationship he or she will make a splendidly stimulating partner. The Monkey's love life may tend to be complicated, but he or she will assume family responsibilities with equanimity and good humor. Whatever the sign of their marriage partner, the Monkey is likely to have a lot of children.


He or she is intelligent, eager to learn, well-read and usually likes school. They have above average linguistic skills and will pick up languages quickly and easily. The Monkey's good memory enables them to be most convincing when debating over the facts. They are persuasive because they are good talkers. The fact that they debate in a friendly and self-assured manner makes them likable and easy to talk to. The Monkey excels at politics and public speaking and most people take to them instantly. They will be a success at any type of selling. They makes good teachers and are good at any PR work.

The Monkey will seize any opportunity to make a quick gain . They don't want to plod toward their goals. They wants the goal, now, not later. Because of their intelligence they can be quite crafty, cunning and clever. It is this impatience that makes them act too quickly and colors their judgment, because before they realize, they have done something dishonest and illegal. They have so much confidence in their own opinion that they will rarely listen to the advice of others. The end goal justifies the means, so the Monkey believes. They will give advice when asked but they will not be asking for any. The crafty con-man who is outsmarting their victim will be a Monkey.

The Monkey is a self-preservationist. They like to think up a way out of the dilemma they have made for himself. They will even help you think up a way out of your problem also, just for the sheer pleasure of problem solving. They are original thinkers who loves their freedom. If they feel that they are confined or hemmed- in they will become depressed and seek a way out. The spouse of a Monkey must give the level of independence that they requires, or else. Although the Monkey is not materialistic , they likes to spend money. They will easily spend on luxury items that they wants without any later regrets. They also can become very envious if someone else has got what they wants.

The Monkey should guard against hopping from one job or project to another. They lacks persistence and then later wonders why they are not more successful in life. To the Monkey, boredom is a sin . It becomes a paramount endeavor to avoid this plague of all plagues - boredom. They may seem erratic in their lifestyle but the Monkey simply hates monotony and will overturn their present life to avoid it. However the Monkey is intelligent and learns from their mistakes. They are also good losers. When their plans go wrong, they will shrug their shoulders and mark it up to experience.

The Monkey loves to travel and to impress people. Their ideal vacation would be to travel around cities in a white stretch limousine. They can see and be seen, and that's how they likes it. People are usually impressed by the Monkey anyway, without their efforts. They will be impressed by their good looks, their self-confidence, and their sense of humor. They usually gets their own way because they are so impressive. People will also admire that beautiful head of hair. They will have plenty of admirers and followers who want to emulate their lively style and colorful life.


The Monkey gets on splendidly with the Rat, Dog, Dragon and Boar. They are avoided by the Tiger, whom they are advised to treat with respect, and the Snake.

The Monkey likes variety in their love life and may change partners depending on that all important freedom issue. They must feel that they are the masters of their fate . A relationship between two Monkeys will be a good one. They will assist and understand one another. The Rooster, Horse and Tiger will have no patience for the Monkey's tricks but the Ox, Rabbit, Snake and Dog will be fascinated by the Monkey. They will hang on their every word and try to emulate them. They will become their groupies. The Monkey will like the Rat, Dragon, Pig and Goat because they are also outgoing and sociable.