Text Messaging & Video Chat

Instant Messaging software allow users to find friends and contacts through the Internet and communicate with them in real time. Users maintain a list of contacts and the software will notify when these contacts are online and contact is available. Many instant messaging service provide software to install and require that you register for account with the messaging service. Messaging allows you to chat, send messages and files and various other features with people you choose. Most services offer the software and registration service for free then display advertising to pay for it.

Computers, cell phones and other handheld devices can be used with these messaging services.

As well as text chat many services provide the ability to use a microphone and a video camera or you phones camera to talk with and see your contact. To use a computer it must be equipped with speakers or head phones to hear your contact and a camera to see them..

Video conferencing and Internet Relay Chat (irc) allows people to participate in real-time discussions with other people through the Internet. Conference or meeting users log on to a service that provides the connection.

Message systems and discussion websites allow people to type messages and replies to other's message. Often a discussion has a topic and users will join to discuss this topic. Other discussions are free flowing and the discussion develop different threads which will expand the discussion.

Video conferences can be use for meetings, social event, conferences, classes or a variety of other events that allow multiple people to participate in. Online conferences can have a famous or knowledgeable person contributing their knowledge on a topic of interest to the conference subscribers. Often there is an option to ask question and participate in the discussion using a chat format.

Many online game sites provide video, audio, and text communication so that gamers can communicate with team mates, people they are competing with or other gamers. Many games allow you to choose and customize a computer generated avatar which will become the user's character in the game.

Last updated: March 3, 2021