Image tags work much the same as the anchor tag but don't have an end tag. All images require a source (SCR) attribute. An example would be...

<img src="logo.gif">
<img src="">

Images have a number of attributes that can be added as needed. The height and width attributes are recommended as placeholders while the images download.

align = center|left|right|top|middle|bottom|baseline
height = defines the height of the image in pixels
width = defines the width of the image in pixels
border = 0 for no border or 1 and up for place a border around the image
alt = Descriptive Alternative Text ("placed in quotes"). This text is also displayed when a cursor moves over the picture and is read by an audio browser. The alt attribute is required for a document to meet the HTML standard requirements.

Images are treated like a text character to a browser. Unless you use attributes to modify how they are displayed, images will be placed in a document as if they are the next character in a string of text. This allows them to be used as references for links.

Images Used as Links

To use a graphic or image as a link placing the image between the anchor tags. An example would be...

<a href="index.html"><img src ="images/logo.gif" width="111" height="161" border="0" alt="Our Logo"></a>

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