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Green Website Hosting

GrassRootsDesign offers fully featured website hosting packages on servers run on green energy.

  •     fully control panel
  •     latest server software
  •     server powered by renewable energy

Why Green Hosting?

By 2020 the web hosting industry will be as big a polluter as the airline industry. GrassRootsDesign provides hosting services on servers that are powered by green energy. Make hosting on GrassRootsDesign part of your organization's sustainable strategy.

GrassRootsDesign provides economically priced and fully featured hosting packages. A basic package is $8 per month or $80 per year with pre-payment. Packages begin with 1 Gb of storage, 15 Gb of monthly bandwidth, POP3 email and unlimited forwarders. Email addresses are based on your domain name not some other companies name. All package provide mailing list, unlimited sub-domains, parked domains, MySQL databases and ftp accounts. The cPanel control panel provides complete control over your domain.

If your needs change or you required more capacity your account can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.

All packages also include:

  • POP3 and IMAP Mail Server,
  • Autoresponders,
  • E-mail filters,
  • Anti-Spam,
  • SMTP,
  • Webmail,
  • File Manager,
  • PHP,
  • CGI-BIN/SSI, Resource Meter,
  • Web Stats,
  • CGI Bin,
  • Custom Error Pages,
  • Password Protection,
  • FTP Upload,
  • Apache Handlers,
  • Sub, Addon and Parked Domains,
  • Multiple software installers plus much more...

If you would like GrassRootsDesign to register a domain along with your hosting package please indicate that when requesting the package. You can verify that a name is available by visting www.tucows.ca and entering the domain that you want in the whois section.

If you plan to transfer your hosting package to GrassRootsDesign from another hosting company GrassRootsDesign will setup your hosting service and provide you with a temporary address to prepare your website before the switch is made. This way there will be no down-time or changes in search engine placement during the transfer.

Requesting a hosting package with GrassRootsDesign indicates that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Prices effective January 12, 2007. Packages upgraded March 2012. Prices are in Canadian dollars.