HTML Editors

Though most word processors advertise a "publish to HTML" option the actual output can often leave something to be desired, especially when graphics and tables are being displayed. Having said that it can be a quick and dirty way of creating an HTML document. It is extremely important that the website maintainer have a working knowledge of HTML as many "publish to HTML" options will add tags that need to be modified.

There are a few commercial HTML design programs that work quite well though it is still necessary to modify/fix the HTML from time to time. Most design software integrate an HTML text editor into the program. As well most commercial products have a free download and trial period allowing users to "try before they buy" the products. Commercial products include Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe GoLive.

There are also number of free alternatives which can be very useful tools. A free text based HTML editor can provide many tools that assist web developers. Most of these programs also incorporate web browser(s) to allow the developer to view the page.

Another alternative is Mozilla Composer which is a free HTML design program and publisher. Like any other HTML graphics based program the developer will need to occasionally open the file in a text editor to "tweak" the file. This programs also has a bad habit of modifying the document to "fix code errors" without telling you. To publish from one of these programs the user will need to enter the complete path name to where the document is to be stored on the server. Once the username and password has been entered and saved the program will remember these settings for next time.

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